Paying additional tribute to the ‘$50 Million Man’

12_Luck   YouTube CLEANStanding out in a crowd is not always easy, but to stand out amoung 670,000 Star Citizen users is remarkable.  Being dubbed the ‘$50 Million Man‘ by Chris Roberts is an experience only citizen Wulf Knight knows, aka Accelerwraith.  Wulf Knight seems to have not only stood out among the Star Citizen crowd, but he also has a story we can all learn from.

I’d also like to pay a small tribute to our “$50 Million Man,” Wulf Knight. Wulf is no stranger to those following Star Citizen’s development. He’s been a constant friend to the development team and to the community, and I’m honored to reveal that his purchase of a Constellation ‘Super Pack’ was what pushed us to this incredible level. As a small reward for his service and his symbolic status I’d like to personally award him the Vanduul Scythe that his ship collection is missing! – Chris Roberts

In order to learn from citizen Wulf Knight, we must first get to know him a little better.  In researching him it was discovered that he has spent more than $20,000 in pledges for Chris Robert’s Star Citizen.  Why would anyone spend $20,000 on a video game, well perhaps it is because, “I pretty much owe my career to Chris Roberts, so I’m giving a little back“.

24_Wulf-NoHacking CLEANWhile it is easy to understand an allegiance to someone who you owe your career to, it is more difficult to understand that Wulf Knight also cracked the secret to the developers of the FPS module for Star Citizen months before the company’s name was released to the public.  Perhaps he is the ‘wizard’ they think he is?

Lastly, I would like to give a shout out to an unexpected guest we had last month. Super Star Citizen Wulf Knight somehow discovered our true identity (are you a wizard?!), stopped by to meet the team, and then fed the entire office with pizza! From everybody here, thanks for the grub Wulf! – [REDACTED] aka Illfonic

The ties to CIG don’t end with being dubbed the ‘$50 Million Man,’ pledging more than $20,000, or cracking who the ‘redacted’ FPS module developers were. Wulf Knight has more wizardly ways that stand out.  Wulf Knight also seems to have insider information about ships, “As someone who is actually at CIG, I can confirm this is a hoax.  No 890 tokens have been issued“.  Just when it seems nothing else could make Wulf Knight stand out anymore, Ben Lesnick (Head of Customer Service at CIG) seems to believe that every Citizen will have to bring their best if they find Wulf Knight in the Persistent Universe, “Star Citizen should be a game where I should have to give it my all to battle Wulf Knight.”  What does Wulf Knight know about Star Citizen that other Star Citizens don’t?

06_Chris Wulf CleanLiving the Star Citizen dream in a seemingly superhuman way is probably beyond the grasp of most of the 670,000 Star Citizens.  However, one event leads us to ask the question.  Does Wulf Knight know too much?  Is he too close to the develoeprs of Star Citizen?  I ask these questions because during a recent and extremely limited Javelin destroyer sale (11-28-2014), Wulf Knight published a video in which he appears to be exploiting the CIG cart software to gain superhuman advantages over other Star Citizens who are also trying to buy the ship that sold out in less than 15 seconds.

Click here for a backup link to the video, in case the orginal comes unavailible.

This video that he published shows him exploting a weakness in the CIG cart software to repeatedly and automatically ‘place an order’ for a Javerlin destroyer, several times per second, controlled by his PC.  Wulf Knight’s hands are free while taking this video, in which he kindly shares his Star Citizen dog tags that were offered to Star Citizen members and recently delievered.  Wulf Knight did not seem to want to share this bit of wizardly with the rest of the community, as it was posted on a private link to his Youtube channel. Interesting enough, Wulf Knight claims that he isn’t botting or hacking.

23_Wulf-career-owes-chris-roberts CLEANWulf Knight has so much to be proud of.  What would make him want to hide the fact that he was exploiting the CIG website to get one of the most limited, desired, and expensive ships in the game?  Prehaps it’s because he actually was one of the few who managed to purchase the Javelin. Perhaps because his actions clearly violating CIG terms of service.

  • Interfere with the ability of others to enjoy playing a Cloud Imperium Service or take actions that interfere with or materially increase the cost to provide a Cloud Imperium Service for the enjoyment of all its users.
  • Modify any part of the Cloud Imperium that Cloud Imperium does not specifically authorize you to modify.
  • Attempt to interfere with, hack into or decipher any transmissions to or from the servers for a Cloud Imperium Service.
  • You must also obey all federal, state, and local laws, regulations and rules that apply to your activities when you use Cloud Imperium Services. Cloud Imperium reserves the right to terminate your Account and to prevent your use of any and all Cloud Imperium Services if your Account is used to engage in illegal activity or to violate this Terms of Service.

It may be beyond most Star Citizens’ ability or desire to develope such an exploit, but certainly other citizens will find it curious that Wulf Knight has profitied from his sales of ships on the ‘grey market’.  The ‘grey market’ is where Star Citizen ships are bought and sold, often well above the orginial value from citizen to citizen.  These ‘grey market’ sales seem to be focused on Reddit, and Wulf seems to have stood out there as somebody who can ‘vouch’ for anonymous seller trying to peddle their entire orginal backer account on the blackmarket as being legitimate.

Wulf Knight’s reddit fame has not matched his Star Citizen status.  He was banned for the following comment referencing a blackmarket Javelin sale, “Fuck off and die.  Thanks.

16_PvE is PvP on Training Wheels CLEANWulf Knight’s status with the developers of Star Citizen is curiously close for someone who was lucky enough to be the ‘$50 Million Man,” discover the redacted FPS Module developement team, who claims to have inside information about ship sales, and who appears to have exploited his way to buying a Javelin Destroyer.  Perhaps his relationship is too close and he is benefiting in a way the other 670,000+ Star Citizens who have pledged over $65 million can’t.  Wulf Knight hides the video of himself exploiting the CIG cart software in a private Youtube link, but he has pictures of himself with Chris Roberts and company on his Facebook profile.  It leaves us wondering if Wulf Knight’s close relasonships with members of the CIG developement team is giving him an unfair advantage?

Ben Lesnik’s claims there was no evidence of hacking or cheating during the Javelin sale seem to ring hollow, information security expert sources tell us this type of exploit shown in this video would have been easily identified in CIG’s server logs.  It seems very unlikely Wulf Knight was the only one using this exploit, since the video he posted seems part instruction manual on how to exploit the cart software and receive an unfair advantage in purchasing a limited Javelin destroyer.  It’s no wonder it only took 15 seconds for all 200 Javelin’s to sell out.  As this video comes to light will CIG enforce it’s terms of service on all the exploiters?  Will they put the Javelin back up for sale to all the citizens and organizations who didn’t cheat and exploit?  Time will tell.

23_Wulf-career-owes-chris-roberts CLEAN 24_Wulf-NoHacking CLEAN 22_Wulf Jav Cart Comment CLEAN 21_surfmaster comments on  Discuss Javelin CLEAN 20_screen3 CLEAN 19_screen2 CLEAN 18_screen1 CLEAN 17_Roberts Space Industries CLEAN 16_PvE is PvP on Training Wheels CLEAN 14_Organization A3  AAA CLEAN 12_Luck   YouTube CLEAN 11_Jav Purchase Issues YT link CLEAN 08_Confirmed Jav Purchase Clean 06_Chris Wulf Clean

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29 Responses to Paying additional tribute to the ‘$50 Million Man’

  1. The cowardice of whomever’s posting this is really rather amusing. Seriously, man. Show a little backbone. I’m sorry you have a personal issue with me, but perhaps you should talk to your psychologist about it.


    • We only have a personal issue with exploiters, you were the one who posted the video of you exploiting, don’t blame us for what happens.

      BTW, curious what you’re employer will think of you using a University laptop to do all this exploiting?


      • If you’d ever had a real job, you’d realize that my employer wouldn’t give two shits about web browsing on a company laptop on my own time (they don’t even on their time, but that’s not as common).

        So, why don’t you say who you are and why your’re such a jealous little blighter?

        It’s seriously laughable how much cowardice you’re showing by posting this anonymously; especially by claiming the royal ‘we’. Can’t even take personal responsibility for your own mental instabilities.


      • …and deleting anyone who posts in my favour? That’s pure class. /slowclap

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, and I hate to burst your little conspiracy bubble, but if CIG was working with me to give me a Scythe, they simply would… Instead of making it public so that tinfoil-hatters like yourself can some up with these conspiracy theories. Same with the Javelin sale. They would’ve just given me a token, rather than me having to find a creative way to deal with how fast they were selling. I’m a backer, like any other, and I don’t receive any benefits or advantages over anyone else due to my pledge level. Do I have friends over at CIG? Yep! Sure do. They’re awesome people. …and I visit whenever I can. Do I receive any unfair advantage because of this? Yeah, no.

    Point in fact; you’ve pointed out everything I’ve done for the project… I’m currently missing an Idris-M. The only one out of 41 hulls I’m lacking from my collection. Don’t you think that if I had CIG wrapped around my finger, this wouldn’t be an issue? They’re perfectly capable of separating personal and business relations.


    • The question is now that there is proof one of the grey market whales was exploiting their cart software, will they ban that whale for terms of service violations or look the other way?

      You sir are a exploiter and a cheater, you posted a video showing others how to do it, best of luck to you in the coming visit from the ban hammer.


    • Well, you say creative, a lot of other people would call that exploiting and hacking, but thanks for admitting you used an exploit.


    • Just out of curiosity, why make a video of your ‘creative way’? What were you thinking?


      • Because I jammed a dogtag into my keyboard, and I found it amusing. You’ll note that there wasn’t even the actual purchase there. For the transaction, I was holding down the Enter key because I didn’t want the tag to slip out at the last second on the final batch, because Murphy. :p …but hey, believe what you like. It makes this whole thing that much more amusing. 😀


  3. poo_on_my_shoe says:

    Have to be a bit of a sad case to pay $20,000 on a computer game, wine and dine the devs etc, smacks of desperation for e-fame.
    For someone claiming to have done nothing wrong he does seem to be protesting an awful lot.


  4. I do have to say, though… I appreciate your attention to detail. It’s like a creepy love letter, thanking me for everything I’ve done for Star Citizen.

    You’re welcome. I love you too. 😀


  5. Skurkanas says:

    Err…writing because you pointed this out to us, but I’m not sure what the point of this site is?

    It has been known hours after the Javelin sale that
    – you only stood a chance to get the Javelin if you put one into your cart in round 1
    – using store credits as your means of payment is the fastest way to check out (because it skips third party sites)
    – a script was available that *some* people decided to use to speed up the process even further

    Now I agree that using such a script is despicable, but building an entire site around badmouthing a single individual is equally so.

    Especially since your “proof” is thin, to say the least. A video of his browser refreshing very often (which to my knowledge isn’t what the script did) and a statement about him finding a “creative solution”, which might just as well refer to using store credits.
    I don’t know if there’s ANYTHING warranting public badmouthing, but this stuff sure isn’t.

    Secondly, even if we assume that he used the script, he’d be one of many. 1 guy doesn’t ruin an entire sale, and even IF CIG would hand him every ship on a platter that STILL leaves 199 Javelins for the rest of us. So I don’t get why you are blaming him in particular.

    What ruined this sale was
    1) The guy who made & publicised the exploit
    2) The sum of people that used it, but not one of them in particular
    3) Various loopholes inherent to RSI’s own system (like that items in cart aren’t resetted, that people could log in and refresh with the same account, or that store credits confered a speed bonus)

    It’s unfortunate, and I sure hope future sales are handled differently / scripts are stopped, but what you’re doing here is uncalled for.


    • We all agree, he wasn’t the only cheating/exploiting, that there were other better ways to exploit the system.

      The reason we built this site is because Wulf made a video showing him exploiting the system. Exploiting that Ben swears didn’t happen, but clearly even his trick as simple as it is would have shown up in the log files, and should have raised a red flag.

      The question is now that Wulf has admitted to his exploiting the system, what is CIG going to do about it. If they knew who we were posting this information they’d ban us without question, but because he is friends with the developers and a super whale, do they enforce their terms of services and ban him for this exploiting.

      If some of the other exploiters running scripts stupid enough to post a video showing their name and address while exploiting CIGs website, we would of course post all of their details as well.

      Since it seems Ben needs a lot of help finding these types of exploits.


      • Skurkanas says:

        Still, I remain unconvinced that this video proves much of anything.

        To me it looks like he had his solid metal tag placed on the enter key with the mouse hovering over the purchase button, effectively clicking it permanently. He had also advanced to the cart in round 1 and had 2,5k lined up in store credits to avoid paypal. So he used all the loopholes available to him in CIGs store system, but none of them is illegal, or only available to people who spent 20 grand on SC.

        The loopholes shouldn’t be there (just as the one where multiple people logged into the same accounts to spam purchase, a tactic one guild admitted to), but again, they are neither illegal nor exclusive, so no point in shaming individuals or calling for bans.

        I’d even agree with you insofar that so far the enthusiasm to clear up cases of exploits has been…lacking. But I strongly disagree with the method you chose to bring this to their attention.


    • It’s because Loonie has a significant issue with me personally. That’s why he wrote this love letter.


      • Keep telling yourself that, none of us had ever heard of you before yesterday when a little birdie gave us your name and details. But, somebody out there really doesn’t like you, because our inbox is full of new information on you that we’ll be posting as soon as we can verify it.

        Clearly people you’re chatting with don’t all love you as much as we do.


  6. I can’t wait to see this… ..and how you ‘verify’ it. Please, let me know when you post it.


  7. Okay, seriously. The FPS thing is nothing. One of the devs called it “the worst kept secret in Star Citizen”. The knowledge of Illfonic has been well known for a long time. Literally typing in “Star citizen FPS” in google used to lead you right to here

    That was posted in April. And people have known about it for even longer,

    And talking with literally everyone I know who got a Javelin, the only way they got it was if you were lucky enough to get one in your cart during the first wave. And for the grey market, unless it’s on a separate account, items over $1000 can’t be gifted.


    • We all know the Illfonic info was out there… but not many of us got to visit their studio and get a tour. Plus got a mention in the monthly status report for ‘finding’ them.

      The point wasn’t that he somehow figured something out, only the level of access he has behind the scenes.


  8. Wulfisacuntmuffin says:

    I totally agree with this article. You should gather a group of people, use your massive group of resources, and track him down and beat the ever loving shit out of him for being such a pathetic worthless piece of shit! Do it citizengate2014 – go show us all what you will do to the exploiters out there!


    • We all are laughing our asses off at your post, but we’ll leaving the carrying of pitchforks for the readers. The bigger issue is how did CIG miss this in Ben’s “extensive audit” of the Javelin sale.

      Somebody really should buy him a flashlight since he can’t tell the difference between his ass and a hole in the ground.


    • Finally… The voice of reason around here..

      Come at me, bro! I’ll bash yer ‘ead in! I sware on me mum!

      (P.s.: Cuntmuffin… I LOVE it!)


  9. Still waiting on that damning proof here.


  10. Uh… I’m still waiting for this damning evidence of wrongdoing…


  11. So.. It’s Monday morning, and no email to my employer (unless this halfwit sent it to a receptionist). I do wish to thank CitizenGate for a wonderful weekend full of laughs and tears. I had a wicked case of Winter blues, and it’s completely gone now.

    However, I do wish to make one thing abundantly clear. I have the resources to drop $20,000 on a video game, and $8000 on gifts for those making said game. I also work for multi-hundred billion dollar medical institution that has a fantastic cybercrime division.

    If you EVER threaten me, my livelihood, and by extension my family again… There won’t be enough of you left to scrape off my boot. Bank on it.

    So, let’s go back to your laughable claims and grandstanding without the RL threats, shall we? I quite enjoy the spectacle. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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