Wulf admits to exploiting CIG to get Javelin

Wulf was kind enough to grace us with his own words of wisdom a short time ago.  He admits to finding a ‘creative’ solution to his desire to own a Javelin.

Oh, and I hate to burst your little conspiracy bubble, but if CIG was working with me to give me a Scythe, they simply would… Instead of making it public so that tinfoil-hatters like yourself can some up with these conspiracy theories. Same with the Javelin sale. They would’ve just given me a token, rather than me having to find a creative way to deal with how fast they were selling. I’m a backer, like any other, and I don’t receive any benefits or advantages over anyone else due to my pledge level. Do I have friends over at CIG? Yep! Sure do. They’re awesome people. …and I visit whenever I can. Do I receive any unfair advantage because of this? Yeah, no.

Point in fact; you’ve pointed out everything I’ve done for the project… I’m currently missing an Idris-M. The only one out of 41 hulls I’m lacking from my collection. Don’t you think that if I had CIG wrapped around my finger, this wouldn’t be an issue? They’re perfectly capable of separating personal and business relations. – Wulf Knight

What is CIG going to do about this?  Time will tell.

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One Response to Wulf admits to exploiting CIG to get Javelin

  1. They’re going to do two things about it.

    Jack and shit.

    Have a nice day! 😀


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